Terraform Cloud feedback: screen real-estate waste on Web UI


Not a breaking issue, but a major usability one that got further aggravated by the recent addition of Projects.

There is a lot of wasted spacing in the UI and fixed menus, headers and footers that the UI is hardly usable on my 14" M1 MacBook Pro’s screen (3024 × 1964): with the window maximized, I literally only see three (3) workspaces in the list.

  • the fixed header that says “Projects & workspaces” takes about 25% (!) of the vertical space
  • the fixed footer that says “© 2023 HashiCorp, Inc.” takes a good 5-7% of the vertical space
  • The non-collapsible left menu takes 15% of the horizontal space seemingly only to accommodate the string “HashiCorp Cloud Platform
  • There’s way too much whitespace between workspaces in the list.

It’s a bit frustrating that the Web UI is barely usable on the built-in display of 1 year old laptop.

Sorry if this is not the place for this! But hoping this can make into the UX team’s work stream if it isn’t already!

Thank you!