Terraform Cloud - IP Range Whitelist through Proxy

We are on a path to migrate to Terraform Cloud from a very manual process and I’m thinking about creating a Community Provider for the company we use to administer our web domains.

However, they use both an API key and an IP Whitelist, which made me think that maybe we could have a setup using a VM with a static IP to use as a proxy.

Does this sound like a reasonable idea?

// Fredrik


I am not sure to understand? the problem is that you need to authorize the IPs that can access the domains?

Take a look at Terraform Agents, that way you can run Terraform Cloud and still use your own IPs for Terraform plan, apply, destroy…

I have an example for Terraform Agents in an internal Kubernetes cluster https://www.itwonderlab.com/en/terraform-agents-kubernetes/

Hi @javierruizjimenez,

Yep, I need to authorize the IP’s that will access the API.

We are currently on the free version of Terraform Cloud, so guess I need to upgrade the plan to use Agents?

yes, it is in Terraform Business edition. You need to contact sales.