Terraform Cloud Notification - Webhook - Microsoft teams

Hey Folks,

I was wondering, if anyone in the community has succeeded integrating the Terraform Cloud Webhook notification with an incoming webhook connector on Microsoft Teams?

I’ve followed the steps on the Microsoft side to create the Webhook, but I’m getting a 400 error on the Terraform cloud side, when testing the webhook. Doesn’t appear to have a great deal on configuration options for me to change, just Name, URL and Token.

Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks!


Having same issue here. Would love to find a resolution.

I’m also facing same issue with g-chat. If someone can suggest anything.

For the record, openness and completeness, Hashicorp Support have advised that the use of the Generic Webhook with MS Teams doesn’t work.

There is a Feature Request open with the Product Manager to have TFE support MS Teams Webhooks. Feature Request #: 1165554650697468.

Suggest that if you would like Hashicorp to offer support for MS Teams in TFC and TFE that you contact your Hashicorp support rep and or account rep and ask them to add you as a +1 on the above FR.

The support agent I spoke to said they aren’t seeing much interest from customers for support of MS Teams.


This would be great to have a resolution for.

Very interested in the ability for TFC to send notifications to microsoft teams as part of our chatops plans.

Please add support for a Microsoft Teams webhook.

Same here. If I could provide the json output with token replacement I’d be fine with that as well as they provide adaptive card designers to do this. Right now I can’t even send an email to a Microsoft Teams room as the email only seems to be available to send to a hard coded person that is a member of the team.

Bump. Any possible update on how to do this? I really miss the integration to ensure pending jobs notify folks on my team in Microsoft Teams. Unfortunately, I have no more slack access for them.

Bump. Anyone found a solution?

Any news here? I really want to use teams notification webhook for 200+ TCE workspaces

Same Here. Please add support for a Microsoft Teams webhook :slight_smile:


If you are interested in this feature, please open a ticket with support, so they can add you to the internal ticket and keep track of the interest !


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