Terraform command like plan and apply with diffrent directory


I was referring documentation and found out that it’s possible to execute terraform command from some other location as well using below example command
terraform -chdir=<path> apply

I am trying to do these now using manually it does not work,
even not seeing these flag as part of terraform command is there any alternative added for it ?


Hi @Snehil03,

The -chdir option was added in the 0.14 release of Terraform. Being a global flag for the terraform command, it won’t show up in the individual subcommand help output, but will be seen in the terraform -help output.

If you are using the correct version of terraform, my guess would be that you are using the flag in the incorrect location, as it must come before the subcommand as shown in the example you quoted.

hi @jbardin : I am using terraform 0.13.2 hence it won’t pop up .