Terraform eks module upgrade from 17 to version 18

Hi Team,

I have upgraded terraform eks module version from 17 to 18, I have followed the below link for upgrade, The problem am facing is i have lost all the deployed applications in AWS eks after the provider upgrade, Could you please advise how i can upgrade the provider from 17 to 18 without loosing the existing deployments.

You have asked a question about upgrading a specific Terraform module, terraform-aws-eks. You’ve called it a provider, but it’s not a provider, it’s a module. You haven’t mentioned the name of the module anywhere in your post, only by reference in a linked URL.

It is possible there may be someone on this forum who has experience in this particular upgrade, but it’s also very possible there is not. Even if there is someone, since you’ve made it not very clear what your question is about, they might easily overlook your topic.

I believe you would be better off asking in the GitHub issue tracker for the specific module you are using - that would at least put you closer to people who actually use the specific module.

I would also like to draw your attention to the beginning sentences of your own link:

The steps proposed here are merely that - one proposal to an upgrade path from v17 to v18. The steps below are setup to preserve the control plane and data plane, however, the existing data plane will be ejected from Terraform control to avoid any service disruption. Currently, there are no paths for upgrading the data plane in-place that do not pose a risk of potential downtime.

(emphasis mine)

And also to the fact that the module’s own GitHub repository has an upgrade guide https://github.com/terraform-aws-modules/terraform-aws-eks/blob/master/docs/UPGRADE-18.0.md which itself links to a GitHub issue, in which many users share their experiences of problems with the upgrade.

It logically seems plausible that this module is not written in such a way that in place upgrades of existing deployments are not possible.

@maxb I have updated the description, but the document says that the below steps would preserve the control plane and data plane, but it my case even after following the same steps i have lost the data. Is there any other approach i should take for the module upgrade from 17 to 18. I have 3 prod environments which i have to upgrade without losing the deployments, could you please guide me.

No, I have never used this module.

That is why I suggested you needed to ask in a place where you are more likely to find users of this module.