Terraform Enterprise - Sandbox feature


I try to figure a proper way for sandbox workspaces for TFE. Or a proper workflow to make a short-lived/ephemeral workspaces so developers are able to test infrastructure by themselves. I’m using GitHub actions and Azure and it’s getting tricky.

So being desperate - I’ve asked ChatGPT…

And now… is there such feature or the AI is messing with me? Should I reach out to the platform team and ask them about a feature that I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING on the internet and say "Hey… I was told by the AI that it exists.

And a second question - do you have/use sandbox environments somehow? If yes (and other by “sandbox feature”) - then how?

Hey! Without getting too much into the weeds and talking about things I barely understand: ChatGPT doesn’t actually know whether or not a sandbox feature exists, it predicts what word plausibly follows the last. ChatGPT consequently can sound very confident when it stumbles:

Anyway, to your question:

And now… is there such feature or the AI is messing with me?

Definitely messing with you.

I don’t have an answer to the problem you’re trying to solve, but if you’re a TFE customer then I would say there is definitely value in leaning on that relationship to ask about what kind of approaches are possible.

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