Terraform Error unsupported attribute

Hi all,

Yet another newbie question…
When I get Terraform Error: unsupported attribute when I do plan.
Is there any way to display the value of that attribute ? (it’s not in the state file of course as Terraform fails from the plan phase and I did export TF_LOG)

I think you’d have to fix the attribute itself, to get to the variable value.

Hi @mihaime,

The error “unsupported attribute” means that a particular attribute name isn’t valid at all, regardless of what value it might have. However, Terraform typically does try to include relevant information about the values that contributed to the expression as part of the error messages, which can sometimes give extra clues to understand the root cause of an error.

If you would be willing to share the full error message (including the source code snippet and any included values), along with the configuration of the objects the error message refers to, I’d be happy to give some hints about how I might debug that particular error in the hope that you’ll be able to follow similar steps if you see a similar error in future.