Terraform failure for Azure DevOps Plan


We run Terraform in Azure DevOps and we are unable to run a plamn which previously was successful, even reruning older versions gets same error. The error being created is…

2021-11-23T16:23:31.7198487Z ##[error]Error: Failed rmRF: EPERM: operation not permitted, unlink ‘D:\a\r1\a\temp-plan-53da3eac-6a9e-40d6-ae5b-56d4de519f3a.txt’

Any idea’s

Hi @ian.marshall! Great question, but hard to fix from a distance

I’d say: run Terraform on a Linux agent instead of Windows, but that’s because I have more experience on Linux than Windows tbh :roll_eyes:

Which plugin are you using to run Terraform? I’d ask there if this error comes around more often.