Terraform + (GitHub Enterprise)

Hello guys,

I am trying to generate an image with GHE (GitHub Enterprise) on it using terraform + customized configurations, like hostname, authentication, LDAP host…

My goal is to generate images ready to go for lab tests inside AWS, Vagrant, OpenStack and VMware. Spin, perform a few tests, destroy.

GHE installation options:

GitHub on-premises

  • OVA
  • VHD
  • QCOW2

GitHub in the Cloud

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP

However, once it starts, it has an initial step to add the SSH key… without this step, I am not able to access ssh into this machine. It means that using packer, it stuck on the “ssh_username”: “xxxx”.

Do you guys know a solution for it? I believe with Terraform; I will have the same problem.

This is my current packer code: