Terraform / I'm facing "parameters.managedZone" but no clue why

I’m trying to get this github-repo-example running but it doesnt work - maybe because of missing permissions?

My workflow

  1. Clone
  2. Create project, activate needed services, create serviceAccount with cred to run cli-commands
  3. Then i’m facing
Plan: 5 to add, 0 to change, 0 to destroy.
│ Error: Error when reading or editing dataSourceDnsManagedZone "gcp-coffeetime-dev"
│   with data.google_dns_managed_zone.gcp_coffeetime_dev,
│   on dns.tf line 38, in data "google_dns_managed_zone" "gcp_coffeetime_dev":
│   38: data "google_dns_managed_zone" "gcp_coffeetime_dev" {
│ googleapi: Error 404: The 'parameters.managedZone' resource named 'gcp-coffeetime-dev' does not exist., notFound


  1. For this i’m using latest versions of google/google-beta
  2. Creation by gcloud dns managed-zones create gcp-coffeetime-dev .. works fine

If you have any idea whats the reason for this issue please let me know

@SeduroDotCom did you find a workaround ?