Terraform init : Failed to download module in azure devops pipeline while same config works in local

Hello Team

i just did a small change in one of the resource and tested first in local everything works fine , pushed the same code in Azure devops repo and ran the pipeline , it failed in terraform init stage , below is the error :
azure provider version == 3.214.0
terraform version = 1.4.6

│ Could not download module "catalogtransformers_app"
│ (catalogtransformers_app.tf:24) source code from
│ "git::ssh://git@ssh.dev.azure.com/v3/****/dbp/****-tf-app?ref=v3.1.3":
│ error downloading
│ 'ssh://git@ssh.dev.azure.com/v3/*****/****/****-tf-app?ref=v3.1.3':
│ /usr/bin/git exited with 128: Cloning into
│ '.terraform/modules/catalogtransformers_app'...
│ remote: You are not authorized to access this collection.
│ fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
│ Please make sure you have the correct access rights
│ and the repository exists.

│ Error: Failed to download module
│ Could not download module "catalogtransformers_application_insights"
│ (catalogtransformers_app.tf:1) source code from
│ "git::ssh://git@ssh.dev.azure.com/v3/henkeldx/dbp/dc

can someone please acknowledge my request

I’m suddenly getting the same problem with an Azure pipeline that was working a few weeks ago. Terraform init is failing with four of the same messages as you were seeing: “You are not authorised to access this collection”. It’s a shame no-one responded to your original request.