Terraform is not able to detect changes for computed attributes

I am using Terraform version 1.2.9 and plugin framework version 0.10.0 for provider development. It is not able to detect changes for computed attributes.
As per https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform/issues/17742 comments, the terraform versions 0.15.4 onwards, it should detect changes for computed attributes.

Hi @akashgs,

Can you show an example of the problem you are facing? It’s unclear here what you mean by “not able to detect”. If you are only looking for the “changes outside of Terraform” drift report, then you need to run a plan with -refresh-only to get the complete output on the CLI, otherwise it will only show changes which may have affected the plan.

Hi @jbardin,

I have computed attribute in the resource schema. The value of that computed attribute got changed as a result of update operation. The update operation is not performed by Terraform. After running terraform plan with -refresh-only, Terraform is not able to detect the change for that computed attribute. But if terraform refresh command is executed, the state file is getting updated for computed attributes as well.

I have found issue raised for old Terraform Version: https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform/issues/17742

The only action that results from a change in a computed attribute is the updating of the resource instance in the state. Since the remote change has already happened externally, there is no other action to be planned by Terraform other than to store the data. If that change were to affect other resources in the configuration however, those changes may result in a plan.