Terraform is unable to shutdown a GCP project

Dear All,

I am destroying the resources created through terraform along with the gcp project,But terraform is giving me the below error
Error: Error when reading or editing Project Service dbk-eds-sandbox020/compute.googleapis.com: Error disabling service “compute.googleapis.com” for project “dbk-eds-sandbox020”: Error waiting for api to disable: Error code 9, message: [Error in service ‘compute.googleapis.com’: Could not turn off service, as it still has resources in use.

I am assuming we are creating composer and composer is creating persistent disk along with it which is not in the state file because of which the compute engine API is unable to shutdown which is in turn not deleting the gcp project

May i know what approach i must follow to tackle this error
1_terraform-apply.txt (65.2 KB)
0_terraform-plan.txt (68.6 KB)