Terraform kops provider

Try to create two dedicated instancegroup types for the hot/warm and cold frozen tiers.

  • Hot/warm - r6i.4xlarge
  • Cold/frozen - m6i.xlarge

provider “kops” {
state_store = “s3://scp-k8s-state-store”
// optionally set up your cloud provider access config
aws {
profile = “spf1”

resource “kops_instance_group” “elasticwarm” {
cluster_name = “mgmtest.k8s.local”
name = “elasticwarm”
role = “Node”
min_size = 2
max_size = 2
machine_type = “r6i.4xlarge”
subnets = [“us-east-1a,us-east-1b,us-east-1c”]
depends_on = [kops_cluster.mgmtest.k8s.local]

getting this error while doing the terraform init

│ Error: Failed to query available provider packages

│ Could not retrieve the list of available versions for provider hashicorp/kops: provider registry registry.terraform.io does not have a provider named Terraform Registry

│ All modules should specify their required_providers so that external consumers will get the correct providers when using a module. To see which modules are currently depending on hashicorp/kops, run the following command:
│ terraform providers