Terraform open source with sentinel

Hi All,

Simple question.

Trying to use terraform open source with sentinel is this possible using the mock files or do I need terraform enterprise to work with this.


Hi @djdta,

Sentinel is a feature of the Terraform Cloud “Team & Governance” paid plan and of Terraform Enterprise. It’s not available for use with Terraform CLI alone.

The mock files are there to help you write unit tests for your Sentinel policies that can run offline. They contain a snapshot of data from a particular historical plan, so aren’t suitable for policy checks on an ongoing basis.

The only part of the Sentinel stack that’s included in Terraform CLI is the -json mode for terraform show, which allows tools like Sentinel to obtain a machine-readable JSON representation of a saved plan. The Sentinel features in Terraform Cloud and Terraform Enterprise consume that output in order to obtain the data that Sentinel policy code can access when making policy decisions.