Terraform plan does not show the changes to made

I am receving this below message
‘’ No changes. Your infrastructure matches the configuration.
Terraform has compared your real infrastructure against your configuration
and found no differences, so no changes are needed.’’

when I run the terraform plan, I have delete the ressources to create from Azure but still receiving this message and nothing to execute.
need help

here is the maint.tf file

terraform {
required_version = “~> 1.0.9”
required_providers {
azurerm = “2.46.0”
backend “remote” {
hostname = “app.terraform.io
organization = “yabwksp”
workspaces {
name = “wkspben”

Configure the Microsoft Azure Provider

provider “azurerm” {
features {}

Create a resource group

resource “benjamin_rg” “example” {
name = “production-resources”
location = “West US”


Welcome to the Consul Community! Did you mean to post this in terraform providers forum linked here

please. this is my first time to this forum