Terraform plan showing error even variable is declared and passed value


My terraform plan showing below error, variable is declared and being passed still getting error

Map of vpc peerings used for indirect reference by iexams_networks.

Enter a value:

Error: Invalid expression

on line 1:
(source code not available)

Expected the start of an expression, but found an invalid expression token.

Error: No value for required variable

on variables.tf line 121:
121: variable “iexams_vpcpeers” {

The root module input variable “iexams_vpcpeers” is not set, and has no
default value. Use a -var or -var-file command line argument to provide a
value for this variable.

Below is my .tfvar

iexams_vpcpeers = {

mgmt_idmz = “pcx-030541d86633eb85a”

eapp_iegress = “pcx-088b39c21a265f858”
iegressnp_eapp = “pcx-0a40e06e33abc5499”
iegressnp_mgmt = “pcx-08872d1da3dfdff87”
eapp_aapp = “pcx-04c0d31d6c020f030”
aapp_mgmt = “pcx-00c78866a58c47b52”
mgmt_eapp = “pcx-01a2855519c73a6ac”
mgmt_mgmt2 = “pcx-0344a8b2ceb04e258”

mgmt_bastion = “pcx-0b2cf3985e9734f60”

bastion_idmz = “pcx-06aedb3a022827e8c”

bastion_aapp = “pcx-04c57ce99d29f6ec2”

bastion_eapp = “pcx-08bd50934c787ef37”

iexams_uat_mims = “pcx-09a55804da32c757c”


variable “iexams_vpcpeers” {
type = map(any)
description = “Map of vpc peerings used for indirect reference by iexams_networks.”

Can help what could be the issue