Terraform plan shows there are changes to be applied but the code wasn't modified at all

I have my aws VPC module that works perfectly. I applied the code using terraform apply and the resources were deployed successfully.

I don’t make any changes to the files but I run terraform plan . It shows Plan: 0 to add, 4 to change, 0 to destroy.

when I analyze the changes, I see the gateway_id value is replaced with the nat_gateway_id . (Please see the attached image).

I wonder why it shows changes when there is no actual change!

Here is the terraform code part for which it shows the changes:

resource "aws_route_table" "private_rt" {
  count = length(var.private_subnet_cidrs) > 0 ? length(var.private_subnet_cidrs) : 0

  vpc_id = aws_vpc.main.id

  route {
    cidr_block = ""
    gateway_id = aws_nat_gateway.gw[count.index%2].id

  tags = module.private_rt_labels[count.index].tags

This is resolved. Instead of gateway_id I should have added nat_gateway_id