Terraform Plugin Project Releases (2021-09-23)

Hello Terraform Provider Friends! :wave: Yesterday, HashiCorp released a plethora of Terraform plugin project related updates, including:

terraform-plugin-go v0.4.0: Added tftypes.Type Equal() method for deep type checking and UsableAs() method for type conformance checking along with bug fixes and crash prevention for various DynamicPseudoType and Value handling.

terraform-plugin-framework v0.4.0: Support for resource import, new types.Set, types.Int64, and types.Float64 types/values, and bug fixes for types.List validation and tfsdk.Plan/tfsdk.State SetAttribute() attribute creation.

terraform-plugin-sdk v2.8.0: Added experimental support for retrieving raw protocol values (configuration, plan, state) from helper/schema.ResourceData and helper/schema.ResourceDiff

For additional documentation about these projects, please see the Plugin Development section of the Terraform documentation website.

Happy building!