Terraform Provider HELM v.2.4.1


TF HELM Provider is on latest v.2.4.1 and there is a note on official doc (Terraform Registry) that no more HELM 2 PRs and upgrade will take place to support HELM 3. Please correct me if I read it wrong though!

I’m in the process of installing HELM Chart Prometheus from Prometheus-Community and it requires HELM 3+. I have managed to get the HELM 3 with docker image for the cluster but as I’m using TF HELM to deploy resources on GKE cluster, there is an error about Protocol Handler and I have a suspicion about version issues between TF HELM version and HELM 3 inside cluster.

My question remains, will a TF HEML Provider v.2.4.1 be upgraded to v.3.8.0 (as of this writing)?

Any advice, guidance, suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thank you.