Terraform-provider-oci resource discovery

Hi Experts / those who know more than me
I’m very new to Terraform and i have the following query i can’t seem to google the answer for.
In our tenancy in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) we have some compartments whose resources are code created/managed using Terraform and some which were created in using the OCI web console. We have a completely non Production Sandbox compartment which isnt currently code managed. Using terraform-provider-oci resource discovery as documented here all the resources have been discovered and listed into the different resource .tf files including a terraform.tfstate. In these files each resource name has been prefixed with export_ .
My question is do i need to remove this prefix before i run a terraform plan within this new folder in order to validate the state. My next desired action would be to create a new compute/core resource within the core.tf files but i’m thinking I need to do something with this export_ prefix first.

Thanks in advance.

Do you actually need to remove the export_?

If the tool has built .tf files and an accompanying state, you’d have to rename the resources in both, to match. It’s probably not worth the effort to make the changes.