Terraform provider registry doc-preview tool

The link for the provider doc-preview tool seem to be broken:


This is taken from the offical provider docs page - https://www.terraform.io/docs/registry/providers/docs.html

Even the give feedback link is broken with a 404 - https://registry.terraform.io/issues

I’d love to use this so i can migrate some of my documentation over without lots of guess testing releases :smiley:

Hello @iwarapter, the tool appears to be working as expected, did you attempt to paste your documentation content into the text box at the top? That text box is an input for markdown and will render the docs for you in realtime (see the attached screenshot for an example)

Thanks for the report on the issue link being broken, we’ll get that fixed.

We’ve updated the preview tool to make the input textbox stand out, hopefully this helps clarify how the tool can be used! https://registry.terraform.io/tools/doc-preview