Terraform provider required

hello I use the version v13 of terraform since the release of this version we are forced to go through the version.tf system with the required_providers block. CF
Provider Requirements - Configuration Language - Terraform by HashiCorp .

I have a main.tf script that call sub module terraform.
like below

module "wab_device" {
  source        = "./wab-device"
  domain        = "aws.eu-west-1.example.com"
  os            = "Linux"
  hostnames     = { "JTUFFZ06TEST" : { "vm_name" : "JTUFFZ06TEST" } }
  description   = "Test description use module wab tfv13"
  support_group = "Support group"

and i have my version.tf like below

terraform {
  required_providers {
    wab = {
      source  = "private-registry.example.com/org/wab"
      version = "1.3.2"
    vault = {
      source = "hashicorp/vault"
  required_version = ">= 0.13"

so far, so good

i launch my terraform13 init i faced the issue below

Error: Failed to install provider

Error while installing hashicorp/wab: provider registry registry.terraform.io
does not have a provider named registry.terraform.io/hashicorp/wab

terraform doesn’t find the providers on my private registry inside my module . i try to download from internet
so i copy paste the version.tf in the directory ./wab-device

And it’s work like a charm.

But in theory is ok . in pratice i can’t modified my module wab-device beacause it’s a git repo and i’m not owner and i have to do the same thing with 5 other repos…

How can we use the module without specify the version.tf inside the submodule . Can i use Alias instead ?? or .terraformrc

Thanks for your advices i would help me