Terraform providers are always installed from the Internet

Terraform providers are always installed from the Internet.

Is it True or False? pls explain.


Please be aware this is a discussion forum for peer to peer community help from people volunteering their time. Asking such a broad question in this way, with so little evidence of having tried to the documentation youself, risks coming across as unreasonably demanding. Whether you meant it that way or not, you’re effectively saying “Please read the documentation for me so I don’t have to” - especially when a basic answer to your question can be found just by navigating to “Docs > Provider Use” on Terraform’s web site.

Have a read of Providers - Configuration Language | Terraform by HashiCorp and Managing Plugins - Terraform CLI | Terraform by HashiCorp

When you have follow-up questions, please do ask them - but try to ask specific questions, and provide as much context as you can, to enable people to help you efficiently.