terraform.ResourceProvider in terraform-plugin-sdk V2


we write a custom provider for one important service we use, but last week we hit the showstopping issue with nils. The current terraform-plugin-sdk does not support to set/get a nil value and there are some cases, where we can’t workaround that (bools for example).

I red many opened issues for this problem and decided to try a WIP version of V2 SDK from branch version2.

The first error we hit is velocloud\provider.go:12:17: undefined: terraform.ResourceProvider.

Is ResourceProvider intentionally removed so you can point me to the right direction or is it still in the TBD area of that feature branch?

Thanks a lot for the response.

Hi Jakub,

Take a look at https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform-plugin-sdk/pull/316. There is some discussion there.


thank you very much. I was able to compile and test with V2 SDK. Unfortunatelly, it didn’t help with the nil values, but that’s a different story.