Terraform sso_admin Customer Managed Policies attachment


I’m using the aws plugin in version 4.25.0.
I wanted to managed an SSO configuration wit sso_admin_xxxx ressources.

Everything’s ok with aws_ssoadmin_managed_policy_attachment when I attach AWS Managed Policies (for ex : arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/AdministratorAccess).
But when I want to attach a Customer Managed Policy I got plenty of errors.

The AWS console by the way authorizes us to add a Customer Managed Policy by giving its path (ie : /path/my_policyname) and Indentity Center check the existence of this policy at deployement time on an account.
I’ve been searching but I think that it’s not supported for the moment. No mention of that in Hashicorp documentation. No exemple of code anywhere.

Of course, I’d use the inline policy attachment but It’ll give me much much work.

Any idea ?