Terraform support for multiple targets in a provider

I have been reading for the last day around ways that users have used work arounds to support multiple targets for a provider. Like this post here: How to use multiple Terraform Providers sequentially - Stack Overflow.

And then how to use alias’s to call different definitions of a provider. Provider Configuration - Configuration Language - Terraform by HashiCorp

But maybe this is the uniqueness of on-premise resources versus cloud but there are a lot of global configuration options for data center resources that are the same across multiple targets for customers. It would be extremely helpful to be able to have multiple targets for provider definitions and have terraform synch the data across all of the destinations without having to define the module or resource over and over.

As stated; I know I can create multiple resources that call to the same variable that would be the same for each but when customers have dozens of destinations; redefining the provider and the module or resource just introduces the opportunity for mistakes.

Is there others that are making this request or am I the only one that would see the benefit of this use case?

This type of feature has not been part of Terraform itself and is usually handled by some overlay, wrappers or continuous deployment pipeline. I would love to see for_each or variables in providers block to avoid using/maintaining additional tool like Terragrunt or the like.

The Cloud version offers a platform with additional constructs to help you do that. If you don’t wanna pay for the cloud version, you will have to build your deployment pipeline yourself. There are good integrations with GitHub and GitLab.

What is your use case? Are you deploying on VMWare?

This is for Cisco ACI and MSO. We have TFC4B… I am not against this… What is the feature you can use to allow for multiple targets?