Terraform.tfstate not getting created


I am new to Terraform.

I have created a new code to create resource Group and vnet.
executed the following:

  1. az login
  2. terraform init
  3. terraform plan
  4. terraform apply

The resources where created in Azure.

I log off and shutdown my laptop.

I login back in.

I created a new code and try to perform terraform init but the terraform.tfstate file is not getting created.

Kindly advise what could be the reason.
I am using Visual Studio code as the console.


after this step can you check if the statefile is there?

Hi Ausmartway,

There was an issue with the Tenant ID in Azure.
I found out the notification from Azure after I login using Azure Portal.

I used another subscription id and the state file was created and I was able to deploy the resources in Azure.

Thanks for the feedback.

I am closing this incident.


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