Terraform upgrade to 0.14.6 fails in gitlab , works fine locally

I upgraded terraform locally to 0.14.6. tf init and tf plan works perfect. I updated the terraform version in gitlab ci to 0.14.6 . Terraform plan fails with the below error :

Error: Invalid legacy provider address

This configuration or its associated state refers to the unqualified provider


You must complete the Terraform 0.13 upgrade process before upgrading to later

I ran terraform providers locally and all providers listed are of the format :
Providers required by configuration:
├── provider[registry.terraform.io/hashicorp/google] ~> 3.66.0
├── provider[registry.terraform.io/hashicorp/google-beta] ~> 3.66.0

Providers required by state:



Not sure how I can fix gitlab when the state file has the correct providers. Appreciate any help on this please.