Terraform v0.13.0 beta program

“terraform apply” on terraform 0.13.0beta2 always ask yes/no confirmation to read data source. It is by design ?

It’s right to always read data source to allow depends_on extended support, but why asking for confirmation as this does not produce any changes to the infra ?

Hi @trung,

I think you are talking about the Terraform Registry community providers beta rather than the Terraform CLI v0.13.0 beta. Is that right?

If so, the community providers beta is a separate process than Terraform v0.13.0 beta which is being run by the Terraform Registry team at HashiCorp. I believe they’ve halted new beta applications for the moment because they have enough participants for the first round of feedback. The beta may reopen again in the future if they need some additional feedback, but that’s not being driven by the Terraform Core team (which is the team I work on) and so I can’t say for certain when or if that will happen. There’ll be guidance on the Terraform Registry site as the situation changes, though.

Hi @apparentlymart,
probably you are right as terraform version return registry.terraform as aws provider:

Terraform v0.13.0-beta2

the two processes you speak about (Terraform community providers vs Terraform CLI) refers to providers or to terraform cli itself ?

I can change this behavior setting provider using Explicit Provider Source Locations ? I cannot find aws provider specifications. Reading your “Draft: Upgrading to Terraform v0.13” I thought default was hashicorp… not so clear for me.

This behavior was changed in Terraform 0.13.0beta3 or provider aws v2.69.0. No more apply confirmation for data block (read).

terraform version
Terraform v0.13.0-beta3
+ provider registry.terraform.io/hashicorp/aws v2.69.0