Terraform 0.13 Beta released!

The Terraform Team is excited to announce the availability of Terraform 0.13 beta 1.

This release is all about community. Terraform 0.13 brings the ability to use count, for_each, and depends_on for modules. We’ve also made some changes to the way we install third-party providers as part of the upcoming ability to use partner & community providers in the Terraform Registry. Please have a look at our changelog and draft upgrade guide for details.

You can download Terraform 0.13 here: https://releases.hashicorp.com/terraform/0.13.0-beta1/

Information about the beta program and getting started can be found here: https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform/blob/guide-v0.13-beta/README.md

Please see the beta guide above for information about reporting issues and providing feedback.

Don’t forget to join us at HashiConf Digital for updates about Terraform, the Terraform Provider Registry, and more.


Congrats! Are you by any chance planning on releasing the docker images as well? It would be very helpful and greatly appreciated.

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Just updated half an hour ago!

docker pull hashicorp/terraform:0.13.0-beta1

To be clear: we did not update :latest with this!



To be clear: we did not update :latest with this!

Goes without saying :slight_smile:


Thank you!!! I can sense the confusion if “latest” were updated to this!!! :+1: :laughing:

Excited to give this a whirl

nice to see ‘for_each’ for modules!!

Excited to see ‘for_each’ for modules working with import
i hope you will updated the beta-01 :laughing:
Thank you!!

Thanks so much for this work! Any thoughts on when beta 2 will be released?

EDIT: Speak of the devil it was released just a little while ago!

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Myself and my collegueas are really happy to see all the updates to for_each, count and depends_on in modules, we’re super excited to see all this develop!

Yes, we are waiting this for a long time, it’s gonna be great !

Hello Team i found a bug this morning with providers , i don’t know what to do .
Where is the providers.tf. I use the version

terraformv13 version
Terraform v0.13.0-dev


terraformv13 providers

Providers required by configuration:
├── provider[registry.terraform.io/terraform-providers/google-beta]
├── module.iam_module_business
│ └── provider[registry.terraform.io/hashicorp/google]
├── module.iam_module_custom
│ └── provider[registry.terraform.io/hashicorp/google]
├── module.iam_module_datacomponent
│ └── provider[registry.terraform.io/hashicorp/google]
└── module.iam_module_all
└── provider[registry.terraform.io/hashicorp/google]

Providers required by state:


Every think is fine then i do an
terraform plan

but then i run on a new vm i have this message :laughing:

Error: Failed to query available provider packages Could not retrieve the list of available versions for provider terraform-providers/google-beta: provider registry registry.terraform.io does not have a provider named registry.terraform.io/terraform-providers/google-beta

may because of this .

terraform {
required_version = “>= 0.13”
required_providers {
google-beta = {
source = “terraform-providers/google-beta”

i don’t know that to do maybe you could help me ?

i solved my issue, tthanks wrong section

Hi @jbrunetext,

You mentioned you solved this but I just wanted to reply in case this answer is useful to others who might encounter the same issue:

Unfortunately simultaneously with the Terraform Core beta the Terraform Registry team is also in the process of preparing the registry to support namespaced providers, and part of that is making sure that the providers are all in the right namespace. Previously all providers belonged to a special namespace “terraform-providers”, but now that our provider address model supports namespaces the ones that have contributing teams at HashiCorp have moved into the “hashicorp” namespace.

Most of these moves happened before we released v0.13.0-beta1, but unfortunately the google-beta provider lagged behind a little due to some technical concerns specific to that provider.

Therefore if you had tried out the terraform 0.13upgrade command prior to last week it would’ve proposed a source address of terraform-providers/google-beta for that provider. The correct source address is now hashicorp/google-beta and those running terraform 0.13upgrade for the first time today will see the correct result.

If you had previously run a terraform apply with one of the v0.13.0 beta releases then this older source address would also be encoded in your state. If so, you can also address the problem in the state by running the following command after you see the errors from terraform init:

terraform state replace-provider 'terraform-providers/google-beta' 'hashicorp/google-beta'

After that, you should be able to run terraform init again and see it successfully install the Google Cloud Platform Beta provider from the new location.

This situation was an unfortunate collision of two different team’s pre-release processes and is not a situation that should arise again after this change.

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thanks for the tips

make me avoid to edit the terraform state