Terraform version mismatch while running release pipeline from Azure Devops

I created a remote state in an Azure storage account using Azure CLI which refrences terraform version v0.14.7, however when i try to run terraform init from a release pipeline agent in Azure, i am facing below error.

2021-03-04T06:05:57.0987471Z e[31mError refreshing state: state snapshot was created by Terraform v0.14.7, which is newer than current v0.12.3; upgrade to Terraform v0.14.7 or greater to work with this statee[0me[0m

How can i prepare my remote state file using terraform’s version 0.12.3. I tried running the same via terraform block’s required_version=">= 0.12.0".

This is a non-issue. Got resolved by doing the changes for the version.