Testing lifeguard with Consul

How to deploy 128 Consul agents (the Lifeguard paper)are in a single Linux VM
In other words,How to make Lifeguard experiment with Donsul?Start an agent in a terminal,Using different ports to manually start 128 agents in 128 terminals?
Thank you for you reply!

If you are trying to simulate something like what is described in the Lifeguard paper, I would recommend using additional resources that way the experiment might lead to accurate results. In the Lifeguard: Local Health Awareness for More
Accurate Failure Detection
paper, they deploy a cluster of 100 single-core (Standard_A1_v2
class) virtual machines into a region of the Microsoft Azure public cloud.

Regarding your question around running 128 agents on one machine, I would recommend using Docker containers using Docker compose. Each container would have an agent in it. Each agent should have a unique node name.

A setup with docker is surely the most common approach to run multiple Consul agents on a single machine. Sometimes I find that this is too much overhead and that is why I created: https://github.com/i0rek/localcluster. Running ./boot.sh -m 128 should spin up a Consul cluster with 3 servers and 128 clients.


@i0rek No matter how many I start servers or clients, there are only two servers