Testing Terraform CDK .net

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble understanding how SynthScope, FullSynth and Synth differ and where I should be applying them. Would anyone be able to give me an explanation on this or point me to where I can find out.

Also not entirely sure how to even implement SynthScope in C#. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

SynthScope is TS only due to the nature of the API; it is meant to instanciate a set of constructs and returns the stringified JSON from every construct within it’s callback (instantiated by its scope).

Synth is expected to run on a Stack and return the synthed stack as stringified JSON. It skipps over some of the validation / side-effect parts of synth.

FullSynth is doing a normal synth as if you’d run cdktf synth , returning the path to the directory with the synthesized code in in.