TFE individual install on GCP

I am doing a Terraform Enterprise install. Individual deployment on Google Cloud. It is not a clustered deployment because the docs and our TAM recommend against it at this time due to stability & performance issues. The docs are very light and I am fairly new to GCP. The only modules available are for a clustered deployment, so I am building this out on my own. I have successfully created a standalone instance, private PostgreSQL db and storage bucket into a working configuration. Now I want to do a Regional Managed Instance Group setup but am running into issues. I have a short timeline so I am reaching out for help.

When building a Managed Instance Group I have tried to use an image to build the instances but app operators seem to reference the internal IP of the machine that I took the snapshot from, which was a standalone instance with Terraform Enterprise installed, configured and stopped. When I connect to the admin dashboard via IP it loads but I cannot start the application. It initially threw a “Unmet start requirement: License requires at least 1 node to be connected, found 0.” error. Then I added the new node manually, and it gives another error “One (or more) operators appear to be disconnected. Consider removing it from the Cluster page.” Which I cannot do anything on that page. It shows references to the old node’s private IP address. Maybe I am doing the managed instance group wrong.If I point back at the old node, Terraform Enterprise starts fine.

Has anyone had experience doing an individual deployment of Terraform Enterprise successfully? Is there a module somewhere to work from?

Thanks in advance