Tfe_outputs returns Null value in local execution

Hello, I’m currently using Terraform Cloud for remote state. I have one workspace outputting a sensitive variable and another trying to use it.

For some reason, when using tfe_outputs I receive this error: Null value found in list. If I switch to using terraform_remote_state I do not receive the error and it works correctly. I would prefer to use tfe_outputs as it is the recommended way to share outputs across Terraform Cloud workspaces.

Here’s an example snippet configuration of what I’m doing:

data "tfe_outputs" "my_var_tfe" {
  organization = "MyOrg"
  workspace    = "${var.env}-my-workspace"

data "terraform_remote_state" "my_var_remote" {
  backend = "remote"

  config = {
    organization = "MyOrg"
    workspaces = {
      name = "${var.env}-my-workspace"

resource "aws_lambda_function" "lambda_proxy" {
  function_name = "${var.env}-${var.lambda_proxy_function_name}-${}"

  s3_bucket =
  s3_key    = aws_s3_object.lambda_proxy.key

  runtime = "nodejs16.x"
  handler = "lambda-proxy.handler"

  source_code_hash = data.archive_file.lambda_proxy.output_base64sha256

  role = aws_iam_role.lambda_exec.arn

  # throws Error: Null value found in list
  layers = [data.tfe_outputs.my_var_tfe.values.lambda_layer_arn]
  # Works perfectly.
  # layers = [data.terraform_remote_state.my_var_remote.outputs.lambda_layer_arn]

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!