`tfe_registry_module` is not created. (resource not found)

I want to create custom module via tfe_registry_module.

But when I create this resource, I keep getting the error. There is absolutely no problem when creating from the Web Console.

resource "tfe_registry_module" "workspace" {
  vcs_repo {
    display_identifier = "MY_ORG/terraform-module-workspace"
    identifier         = "MY_ORG/terraform-module-workspace"
    oauth_token_id     = TOKEN
Error: Error creating registry module from repository MY_ORG/terraform-module-workspace: resource not found
with tfe_registry_module.workspace
on modules.tf line 1, in resource "tfe_registry_module" "workspace":
resource "tfe_registry_module" "workspace" {}

Hi Marload,

Try the following

  • Please change the OAuth token , you use to connect to the VCS repository. This will refresh the token and it should work.

  • Second way is provide a fully qualified URL in the identifier of the VCS repo

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