TFE Release v202210-1 (659)

Updated October 6, 2022

Last required release: v202207-2 (642)

Breaking Changes

PostgreSQL server version 10 is no longer supported. If you are using an external PostgreSQL server with your Terraform Enterprise installation, you must upgrade to PostgreSQL server version 12 or later.

Deprecation Notices

The following operating systems are deprecated, and will no longer be supported following the February Terraform Enterprise release (v202302-1).

  • Debian 8, 9
  • Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04
  • Amazon Linux 2014.03, 2014.09, 2015.03, 2015.09, 2016.03, 2016.09, 2017.03, 2017.09, 2018.03

The following PostgreSQL server versions are deprecated, and will no longer be supported following the February Terraform Enterprise release (v202302-1).

  • PostgreSQL 11


  1. This release contains a data migration that will lengthen the upgrade process. You can expect it to take roughly 1-2 minutes per 5,000 organizations.


  1. You can now query by name and email when listing organizations using the Organizations API endpoint.
  2. You can now forcefully cancel policy checks on Terraform runs.


  1. The State Versions API endpoint now accepts an optional json-state attribute when creating a state version. The json-state attribute is a Base64 encoded string containing the JSON format of the Terraform state file as expressed by terraform show -json. Runs using Terraform version 1.3+ will set this json-state attribute when creating a state version which can then be used by Terraform Enterprise integrations.

Bug Fixes

  1. When comparing JSON-encoded arrays with null values, the structured run output now displays the resource diff under the plan finished tab without errors. Previously, the structured run output contained errors for aws_ecs_task_definition resources with empty container_definitions.
  2. Resource status badges are now vertically aligned in structured run output, regardless of the length of the resource name.
  3. The UI now displays output from apply operations without depending on the actual values of sensitive data. Previously, run logs contained the plaintext value of sensitive outputs. Terraform version 1.4+ omits all sensitive output values in the downloaded run logs.
  4. Enabling workload identity in workspaces with policy checks no longer causes runs to stop responding and eventually fail.
  5. Run tasks now timeout after 10 minutes, preventing runs from staying in a pending state indefinitely.
  6. Workspace outputs of type object with keys containing dashes will no longer be null when you view them using terraform output.
  7. Terraform Enterprise provides more informative errors when it cannot archive a configuration version.


  1. Container updates address reported vulnerabilities (CVEs) in underlying packages and dependencies.
  2. Fluent Bit is updated to version 1.9.7.