Timeline for cdktf to comeout of experimental

Hey there,

Looking at long-term plans for my development team, and wanted to get an understanding of when you believe cdktf will come out of experimental? We looking at adopting it long-term and using it in production, however, this will be determined based on this.

Also great job on this!

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Hi @Adam-Randall!

We don’t have that a formal timeline yet. We do regularly hear from folks who are already using CDK for Terraform in production, we’ve hired several engineers dedicated to this project, and we’re doing regular feature and bug-fix releases.

You should think of this like early Terraform Core releases - there are known issues and you should expect to see substantial changes with each feature release, but the project is well resourced, on an upward trajectory, and we’re seeing rapid adoption.

I’d really like to talk and understand your use case(s), experience using it so far, and use cases. My email is ddreier@hashicorp.com.


Hey Daniel,

Appreciate your prompt response, I will look to email you outside of this.



thanks for the awesome information.