Timeline for release of latest Microsoft General Availability API for azurerm

I am writing on behalf of my project, where we use the azurerm provider for managing deployment of Azure cloud resources.

More specifically we are deploying container apps to Azure with the azurem_container_app resource, but as we want to use a feature which is still held in the preview version of the Microsoft API (2022-11-01-preview), it is not currently supported by the azurerm provider.

We have been told by Microsoft that they would release this version of their API to General Availability at some point this summer, and as we have a deadline for our project around June 2024, we were wondering how long it would take for Terraform to upgrade to the latest version of the API. In particular, how long would it take from “2022-11-01-preview” goes into General Availability, before the azurerm_container_app supports the features that are part of this API?

Any feedback is highly appreciated :slight_smile: