Token expiry after max TTL


This is my first post in here, and I’m relatively new to Vault. In my company, we are using vault to store secrets and currently we are using token based authentication where the generated token is stored in the codebase. When the application starts up, it connects to vault using this token to fetch the secrets for DB connections etc.

So now this worked fine till 32 days which is the max TTL time duration for any token. But after that we had to manually change the token in each and every service that was using that token. So is there any way to make sure that we do not need to go and manually change the token in every service after every 32 days?

I read about token renewal but that also works till max TTL only. Is there a way in which if the token is already expired, my application does not fail to startup, instead it can fetch a new token from vault and use that token for subsequent requests?