Transit mount, storage gcs, error: rollback: error rolling back - context deadline exceeded

3 minutes after bootup and unseal and then every hour we see this error in the server log of vault:

[ERROR] rollback: error rolling back: path=customer-keys/
  | 75013 errors occurred:
  | \t* failed to read value for "logical/<uuid>/policy/0001": Get "<bucket-name>/logical/<uuid>/policy/0001": context deadline exceeded

To reproduce the issue you need to create a transit backend and add 5000 keys.
Reboot server and unseal. Wait 3 minutes and the error should be logged.

Vault versions 1.10.0 to 1.14.2
Vault version 1.9.10 does not have the issue.

Detailed steps to reproduce the bug can be found here:

What does the rollback manager do at startup and every hour?
Is this error critical? What are the consequences of this error?
Can/should we rollback production environment from 1.12.x to 1.9.x?
Can someone reproduce and fix the error?

Thanks in advance,