Trigger multiple resources

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I want to create hard plan for my deploying AWS EKS. I’m using helm_release for deploying my apps. And i want to create null_resource with triggers from all my helm_release.

We know that terraform already have triggers with multiple resources like this:

resource "null_resource" "cluster" {
  # Changes to any instance of the cluster requires re-provisioning
  triggers = {
    cluster_instance_ids = join(",", aws_instance.cluster.*.id)

So, i think it is good idea will be create triggers like this:

resource "null_resource" "do_something_when_u_add_new_helm" {
  triggers = {
    app = join(",", helm_release.*.id)

So u can use many helm releases with different names and create lists from helm_release without setting resource name.

This Topic looks like future request. I want to see Terraform like comfortable tool. Have a nice day!

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I echo this request, it will be quite helpful rather than specifying all the possible computed attributes.