TXT records for service dns lookup?


I see that the DNS lookup will return the NodeMeta as TXT records, I have two questions

  1. Is there a way to specify TXT records per service - like the “Meta” field per service, is that translated into a TXT record ? I am guessing the answer is NO since I tried adding stuff to Meta and it dint show up in a dig TXT result

  2. Is the key-value storage used in any way for a dns lookup ? I saw some github feature requests from 2017 or so stating that a value stored in k-v storage should show up as a TXT record when a service lookup is done etc… - again I am assuming the answer is that the k-v storage is NOT used in any way for dns lookups, pls confirm



Looking for the same feature as well.
Wonder if it is in the plan to add such feature or it is there and just not documented.

I’d like to be able to query a service endpoint asking for TXT record and have the IPs associated to that service plus service meta info.

@lkysow do you mind helping here, since this issue is opened from long time with no answers.