Typescript vs Python

Hi guys,

We have started using CDK with Python but it still unclear for us what language we should use TypeScript vs Python.

CDK repository is implemented using TypeScript, more examples for TypeScripts rather that Python (feedback from my colleagues). But Python is more native language for devops rather than TypeScript.

Could someone explain the difference in support of TypeScript vs Python in CDK?
If some bug is found in CDK does it mean that it should be fixed for TypeScript & Python?
Does it mean that some features come with some delay to Python?

We would like to stick with Python, but we are afraid that it’s not the main language and we need to wait some time that new features that already available in TypeScript need to be ported to Python API.

Thanks! :pray:

I think one of the goals is to be able to use whatever language you prefer.

The Typescript code is converted to other languages via jsii, so anything available in Typescript should be made available to other languages at the same time.
That said, there is always the possibility of bugs that only exist in a subset of supported languages. These issues will be prioritized against other bugs and new features, but as an open source project, community fixes are always appreciated.

Another thing to consider is that CDK is generally written with idiomatic Typescript in mind. This doesn’t always translate to idiomatic python, java, etc. This is something that the jsii team is aware of and are trying to improve.

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@jsteinich thanks for your response. :+1: