Ubuntu 20.04 autoinstall stuck on "Guided storage configuration"

Hello! New Packer user here,

I am trying to templatize an ubuntu server 20.04 using vsphere-iso but it is stuck on the “Guided storage configuration” screen.

I have tried the following autoinstall configs and a combination of them bit can’t seem to get past this step.

    name: direct
      - ptable: gpt
        path: /dev/sda
        wipe: superblock-recursive
        preserve: false, name: '',
        grub_device: true
        type: disk
        id: disk-sda
      - device: disk-sda
        size: 1048576
        flag: bios_grub
        number: 1
        preserve: false,
        grub_device: false
        type: partition
        id: partition-0
      - device: disk-sda
        size: 17176723456
        wipe: superblock
        flag: ''
        number: 2
        preserve: false
        grub_device: false
        type: partition
        id: partition-1
      - fstype: ext4
        volume: partition-1
        preserve: false
        type: format
        id: format-0
      - path: /
        device: format-0
        type: mount
        id: mount-0 

Really exited to be using this tool but I can’t seem to crack through this issue. Please let me know if more information or logs would be helpful here. :woozy_face: