Unable to access consul UI

I have recently deployed consul 1.14x on my eks cluster but unfortunately unable to access UI, getting 404 nginx error page, unable to find the where issue is.

Looking for support here is there any way to access UI.


The main enabled/disabled setting.

If true, servers, clients, Consul DNS and the Consul UI will be enabled.

enabled: true

The prefix used for all resources created in the Helm chart.

name: consul

The name of the datacenter that the agents should register as.

datacenter: amdc1

Enables TLS across the cluster to verify authenticity of the Consul servers and clients.


enabled: true

Enables ACLs across the cluster to secure access to data and APIs.


If true, automatically manage ACL tokens and policies for all Consul components.

manageSystemACLs: false

Configures values that configure the Consul server cluster.

enabled: true

The number of server agents to run. This determines the fault tolerance of the cluster.

storageClass: ebs-sc
replicas: 3

Contains values that configure the Consul UI.

enabled: true

Registers a Kubernetes Service for the Consul UI as a LoadBalancer.

type: ‘ClusterIP’
enabled: true

Configures and installs the automatic Consul Connect sidecar injector.

enabled: false