Unable to connect to spring microservices App

I wish to find any guide on how to read saved secrets into a microservices spring cloud via spring cloud config. Simply put it, I will wish to see the following:

  • A clear example on how to define a given property (in the properties or yaml file) of a spring cloud config App
  • Use a client (Another spring Application) to connect and use the secret read from (1) to access a service. Say a database url or similar.
    Unfortunately, I have read so much of the docs or examples on your website but cannot find a similar example. I will also like to try this use case with the Hashicorp Cloud free tier (And how to connect to an application after creating and saving a secret in this case using a generated token). Thanks

Hi @manes.hipocrates ,

I want to add a caveat before I make this suggestion that I am not a spring developer, so well out of my comfort zone here.

It does appear that Spring has documentation on integrating with Vault. Have you reviewed this:


Hi @jonathanfrappier . Thanks yes I did for hours actually. I do understand the tutorials are not up to date in most cases. I am trying to connect client services to retrive properties and config data and git (via config server using spring cloud). Unfortunately, this does not work. Maybe I may get a feedback from the team on this.

Did you also see these?

I will heck thanks alot

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