Unable to copy file to Azure Linux via Bastion host

I want to copy and execute file to linux VM using file and remote-exec provisioner and connect using bastion host but getting following error:

timeout - last error: Error connecting to bastion: ssh: handshake failed: EOF

Below is my provisioner codes:

connection {
#type = “ssh”
user = “ncsmanohar”
password = “P@ssw0rd1234”
#agent = “false”
host = azurerm_network_interface.myNIC.private_ip_address
bastion_host = “”
bastion_port = “443”

provisioner “file” {
source = “CIS_Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_7_Benchmark_v2.2.0.sh”
destination = “/home/ncsmanohar/CIS_Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_7_Benchmark_v2.2.0.sh”

provisioner "remote-exec" {
  inline = [
    "sudo chmod +x CIS_Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_7_Benchmark_v2.2.0.sh",
    "sudo ./CIS_Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_7_Benchmark_v2.2.0.sh"

Having similar issue. Sadly I see your question had no replies but did you progress any?