Unable to create gcp event arc trigger with a workflow destination

When I try to define a google_eventarc_trigger following the spec at google_eventarc_trigger | Resources | hashicorp/google | Terraform | Terraform Registry

I get

Error: Unsupported argument
An argument named "workflow" is not expected here.

This is for a simple

destination {
    workflow = google_workflows_workflow.example.id

I’m running terraform 1.5.7 and would be grateful to any pointer

Hi @martin.a.andersson,

This argument is part of the schema of the hashicorp/google provider rather than of Terraform itself, so the version of that provider is what matters here.

I would suggest to start by making sure the you’ve selected the same provider version in the documentation in the registry as you are using locally. The terraform init command reports which version of the provider is selected for your configuration.